Forms for metro tunnel segments

During the construction of subway tunnels using the shield laying method, cast-iron or reinforced concrete tubings are used as lining, made in the form of a segment of the ring. Not only the service life of the structure, but also the safety of people depends on their quality.

At the same time, reinforced concrete metro tubings have proven to be corrosion-resistant segments that can be used in regions with high humidity and constant exposure to water, for example, in St. Petersburg. Also reinforced concrete tubing withstand heavy loads, non-toxic and suitable for long-term operation.

The tubing of a subway tunnel usually consists of three types of segments:

1. key block;

2. normal block;

3. tray block

Depending on the size of the tunnel, metro tubings also differ in size.

The PBS design department has developed special optimized shapes for the subway tunnels. They make it possible to manufacture high quality tubings of various sizes that meet the requirements of GOST. Forms are equipped with vibrators. Tubes of the metro in such forms are obtained with high geometric accuracy, without chips, sagging, cracks and depressions. Also in the design, void formers are thought out, which form the voids necessary for connecting the tubings into a single ring with studs.

Easy-to-use independent molds for metro tubing from PBS allow you to adjust the production cycle and speed up the delivery of finished products, and, consequently, increase the profitability of production.

PBS also modernizes old molds for the manufacture of tunnel and metro tubing.


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