Formworkless molding lines

The formworkless molding line (FML) is a low-cost method for the production of hollow core slabs, piles, columns, crossbars, beams, as well as PAGs.

Such a line consists of the following elements:

How is the process of working at the FML? Consider the example of the production of hollow core slabs:

  1. First, the technological floors are cleaned with a cleaning machine. Lubricant is applied to the track immediately after cleaning.
  2. The next step is to split the reinforcement on the tracks with the help of a special installation, which is then tensioned using a hydraulic system. The ends of the reinforcement are fixed with collets, and the excess is cut off.
  3. Then the molding machine is installed on the track and after the concrete is delivered, it passes along the entire track to form the floor slab. After molding, the machine is cleaned of the remains of the concrete mixture, and the slabs are covered with a thermal blanket or protective material until the end of the heat treatment.
  4. At the end of the heat treatment, the thermal cover is removed, the workers check the plate and mark the cut points to finished products. After marking, the tension is gradually released from the reinforcement and its subsequent cutting, and then the slab cutting machine cuts the common flooded product.
  5. Finished floor slabs are transferred by crane to the warehouse of finished products.

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