Rotary tables

Rotary tables are universal equipment that can be used to horizontally form all flat products with non-prestressed reinforcement from precast concrete one, two and three-layer external wall panels, internal wall panels, piles and columns, crossbars, FBS blocks, elements of elevator shafts and much more..

This equipment is a flat forming surface that rotates vertically at an angle of up to 70 degrees, which simplifies the removal of finished products. The rotation is carried out by a hydraulic system.

Equipping production with rotary vibrating tables is an optimal investment for both a large plant and a small enterprise that is just starting its journey.

When using rotary tables, production is not divided into stages. Each rotary table is an independent separate production unit. Therefore, the plant can be equipped with any number of vibrating tables.



Wide range of manufactured products

High quality products

Forming sheet flatness tolerance 2 mm per 3 meters


3 different coolant options: water, steam, oil


Solid sheet metal forming surface


Possibility of connecting rotary tables in one production line

long service life

Reinforced frame construction

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Rotary tables are designed individually for the needs of each customer, with the possibility of choosing a coolant and additional package solutions. In addition, rotary tables are equipped with magnetic sides and magnetic boards.

  • HYDRAULIC SYSTEM with telescopic hydraulic cylinders for turning the forming surface up to an angle of 70 degrees.

  • 3 types of coolant to choose from: water, steam or oil. The coolant is supplied through FINISHED tubes. For more efficient heat treatment, the tables can be equipped with a KIT OF ARMS AND A KIT OF THERMAL INSULATION for the lower part of the table.

  • Newly designed rotary tables feature more stanchions with ANTI-VIBRATION PLATES - rubber vibration dampeners that reduce vibration transmission to the hydraulic system and floor.

  • HIGH FREQUENCY VIBRATORS are used for maximum compaction of the concrete mixture. In the operation of rotary tables, both manual exposure to vibration and automatic shutdown of the vibrators are possible.

  • The design provides a SUPPORT PLATE that holds the product when the table is raised. This avoids damage to the product and equipment.

  • Newly designed rotary tables are equipped with a ROD to move the table into the maintenance position.

  • For convenience of operation of rotary tables the CONTROL CABINET and the CONTROL PANEL are provided. This allows you to adjust such system parameters as vibrocompaction, coolant supply and rotation of the forming surface.

Rotary tables are equipped with a removable magnetic boards!

The use of magnetic formwork makes it possible to pour reinforced concrete products of various nomenclature and dimensions. This technology allows you to quickly reinstall and readjust the side equipment with minimal labor costs. We develop magnetic boards equipment for horizontal molding, taking into account any wishes of the customer.

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